McLuhan, a man who knows whats up   1 comment

In this video, Mcluhan, with his visionary perspective and witty banter on hand at all times, successfully defends his ideas regarding the nature of  the evolution of information in an electronic age.

-McLuhan refines his defense of the creed, “The Medium is the Message” by explaining how “cool” media can not produce “hot” news. Basically, the avenue through which we access and receive our media content determines our understanding of news and concepts. Furthermore, producers can not express all ideas through specific and marginally limited media. Therefore, ratings, politics, and the operative nature of the medium dictate the content within media that we consume.

– The book was a paradoxical existence that both fostered individualism AND uniformity by creating competitive standards that limited creativity and diversity. Television, on the other hand is a collective experience and culture with less interpretation.

– McLuhan purports that “one can not maintain a point of view in the electronic age” because the world is no longer static. By raising a global awareness of differing and competing viewpoints and posibilities, one has less of a fixed point of view, and more of a panoptic view.


Posted September 8, 2011 by scottiscoolstitzer

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